Shop Front has just been updated to v1.0.3 and included in the Shop section of the theme customizer are new options for changing the cart icon’s functionality. You can now:

  1. Choose between a cart icon or basket icon.
  2. Show no icon in the navigation at all. Depending on which option you chose above, it will just show the equivalent text, Cart (0) or Basket (0).
  3. Align the icon to the left or right of the text.

Depending on which option you choose, various other aspects of theme are also updated accordingly. For example, if you choose cart, the icon that appears when you hover over a download is changed. Also, when you add or remove items to the cart, the text will update to reflect your chosen option.

If you are using the child theme (which you should be) you will need to copy the fonts folder and override your existing one. This is because new icons have been added.

You can update Shop Front via:

  1. Automatic updates (if you’ve entered the license key)
  2. By logging in and downloading the files again from your download history
  3. By downloading Shop Front again, it’s free!



  1. Hi Andrew

    I don’t see an update for ShopFront in the WordPres dashboard as yet and i do have the license key entered. Just letting you know.

    cheers – Roy Hornsby

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