Have you ever wanted to reward customers that purchase from your online store? With the free EDD Purchase Rewards plugin for Easy Digital Downloads you can do just that. They simply make a purchase, and receive a discount which is shown on the confirmation page (it can also be sent to their email)!

Or, would you like your customers to share their latest purchase before they get a discount? Enable this setting, and ask the customer to share their purchase to their favorite social network before their discount is unlocked for future use. The site owner benefits from more exposure (hopefully more sales), and the customer receives a nice discount to use on their next purchase. It’s a win for everyone!

Providing your customers with a little something extra after they have placed their trust in your products or services is a great way to build loyalty. These customers are more likely to purchase from you again in the future, and more likely to tell others about their positive experience.

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Ask customers to share for a specified percentage or flat rate
Optionally ask your customers to share before receiving the discount
As soon as the customers have shared, they are rewarded with a discount code. This can be a discount code you've already made, or choose to create one on the spot
As soon as the customer has shared, they are rewarded with a discount code. This can be a preselected discount code, or choose to create a unique one-time use discount code.
The one-time use, unqique discount code is created just for the customer
The unique, one-time use discount code is created for the customer. The customer’s email address is used for the name so it’s easily identifiable.
A payment note is recorded showing the discount code that was stored against the purchase
A payment note is recorded showing the discount code that was stored against the purchase.

Let’s look at what this plugin allows you to do:

  1. Reward the customer with a discount code for purchasing from you
  2. Pre-select a discount code, or generate a unique, one-time use discount for the customer. The generated discount can be a percentage, or flat amount.
  3. Optionally make the customer share their purchase to at least 1 social network before receiving their discount
  4. Optionally set a minimum purchase amount before the customer is rewarded with a discount
  5. Optionally send the discount to the customer when they are rewarded with a discount
  6. Use the plugin as a simple sharing tool without the need to reward customers with discounts
  7. Optionally use a shortcode for finer placement on the purchase confirmation page
  8. Customize the reward email
  9. Customize the twitter message
  10. Customize the default sharing title, default sharing message, reward title, reward message, reward sharing title, reward sharing message, reward sharing thanks title and reward sharing thanks message.

Download EDD Purchase Rewards from the WordPress repository. If you’re a developer and wish to contribute, it’s also hosted on GitHub.


  1. thanks, man! this is really an amazing idea. It’s more likely that they would buy something else because of that discount. and thanks for making it for free!!!

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