The code snippet below shows you how to create 2 additional fields (company and title) on Easy Digital Download’s register account form, and saves them to the newly registered user’s profile.

Add the code to your child theme’s functions.php, or to a plugin.

Custom fields added to the register account form


Custom fields added to user’s profile on account creation



      1. Reçu no {payment_id}

        Cher {name},

        Merci d’enrougager {lastname}

        Nous vous remercions de votre achat. S’il vous plaît cliquez sur le(s) lien(s) ci-dessous pour télécharger vos fichiers.

        Nous vous encourageons à aller sur le site et partager le lien sur les réseaux sociaux afin de rendre notre campagne de financement connaisse un grand succès.


        Montant : {price}


        Si vous avez de la difficulté à voir ce message voir : {receipt_link}

  1. Thanks for this. I got an error for logged-in users purchasing additional products – the validation function on line 36 causes EDD to look for the company fields. Presumably ‘edd_checkout_error_checks’ is applying to all checkout forms (purchase as well as registration)? My fix is to return from the function if the user is logged in – so line 38 becomes:
    “`if( ! edd_no_guest_checkout() || is_user_logged_in() )“`
    I’m very new to EDD and your gists have been very helpful over the past few days – Cheers!

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