This tutorial for Easy Digital Downloads will show you how you can hide the purchase links of downloads that belong to specific download categories. The purchase link will be hidden wherever the downloads shortcode is used, and on the single download pages.

Copy and paste the following function (mind the opening PHP tag!) into your child theme’s functions.php or place into a custom plugin. Add your download categories into the array using either the category name, category slug, or category ID.


  1. Hi!
    With the same idea, is it possible to show only downloads category in the download history?

    1. I’m not so sure it’s the same idea. This is hiding purchase links. You want to only show some download categories in the download history? Can you elaborate? Are you trying to only show particular downloads that belong to a specific category in the download history?

  2. Hi is it possible to take the check out and cart icon and everything else off the front page as I want it as a sales page. I have already set it up but I want to remove everything I don’t need from the page. Also how do I access the product I brought to change the colour of the theme.
    All the best. Sonny

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