If you’re using Easy Digital Downloads in combination with EDD Tickets and The Events Calendar to sell tickets to your events, you’re probably familiar with how the tickets are created.

Each ticket you create on an event appears as a download, and stored under EDD’s downloads section in the WordPress admin. Because of this, if you happen to sell both event tickets and digital downloads on your website, you’ll end up with tickets appearing alongside your downloads, which may not be ideal.

My free EDD Hide Download plugin works exceptionally well for hiding downloads, and because tickets are just downloads, you can easily hide each ticket by enabling a checkbox.

However, there’s one slight problem we need to fix. By hiding the tickets, they also become hidden on the actual event pages. To easily fix this issue, simply copy and paste the following (mind the opening PHP tag) into your child theme’s functions.php or a custom plugin.

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  1. Thanks Andrew! It’s very helpful!

    What about adding it the the extension? If EDD tickets is detected, a “Avoid tickets from appearing alongside downloads” checkbox is added to the preferences page, so you don’t have to do it ticket by ticket. It’s just an idea!

    Anyway, thanks for the snippet!

    Great plugin!

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