If you’re using Easy Digital Downloads, this tutorial will show you how you can force a customer to create a user account at checkout, but only for orders over $0.00. If the customer’s order is $0.00 (free purchase) then creating a user account will be optional.

Make sure Disable Guest Checkout is not enabled, and Show Register / Login Form? is enabled. You can find these options under downloads -> settings -> misc. It should look like this:

Misc settings in Easy Digital Downloads

The code

Copy and paste the following function (mind the opening PHP tag) into your child theme’s functions.php or custom plugin.

That’s it!


  1. I am curious if it will work with EDD auto register addon?
    I want to put free purchase users on to a mailing list, I am already using MailChimp addon.
    and don’t want them to be registered users.

    1. EDD Auto register creates an account automatically if the user is a guest. There is currently no way to only do this if the purchase is free. The MailChimp add-on available on the EDD site is checked by default. I’ll see if it’s possible to force this to be checked for free purchases if that’s what you are meaning?

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