Product Reviews by Sunny Ratilal is an excellent plugin for Easy Digital Downloads that allows your customers to review your products.

While the product reviews are shown at the bottom of the product page, you might like to show an “average” star rating at the top of your product’s page.

Copy the following function below and paste it into your child theme’s functions.php

Place the following call to the function inside your single-download.php file, or the file you are using to show your download.

<?php echo sumobi_custom_show_average_star_rating(); ?>


  1. Thanks. That’s very helpful. How could I show average reviews on a page that lists downloads with the download shortcode? Thx

    1. You should be able to call the function inside one of the shortcode- templates, available within EDD. Copy the one you need across to your child theme’s edd_templates folder and insert the function.

  2. Excellent! Very useful.

    How about appending the total number of submitted reviews wrapped in parenthesis.
    XXXXX (17)

  3. Hi,

    We use EDD but do not have /downloads/product-name as our product page. We have a separate product pages for our products. Would it be possible to display reviews section on these independent pages? This also includes allowing customers to leave a reply.

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