EDD Hide Download (free) and EDD Cross-sell & Upsell (commercial) are both plugins I’ve recently built for Easy Digital Downloads.

EDD Hide Download allows you to hide a download from the custom post type archive page and anywhere where the standard downloads shortcode is being used (if you are using a custom query to retrieve the downloads, it’s easy to hide them from the custom loop also).

EDD Cross-sell & Upsell allows you hand-pick cross-sell products to display at checkout when a customer adds a specific product to their cart, or on single product pages as upsells.

Combine these two plugins together and you can do something rather neat.

Say you run a WordPress plugin shop, selling commercial plugins. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to cross-sell your customers a type of service such as plugin installation, or even priority support without having these services appear directly in your product listings? Such services sometimes need to be directly related to a particular product and wouldn’t sit nicely amongst your other products.

With EDD Hide Download combined with EDD Cross-Sell & Upsell, you can still add these services as downloads within Easy Digital Downloads, yet only have them appear at checkout when the plugin is added to the cart.

Can you think of any other clever uses?